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Are you a busy couple who needs to reconnect?

Maybe you're just starting out and want to learn as much as you can about each other, to grow together. Or maybe you've been together for years, had your family and now it's time for you again?

If this sounds familiar or things are just not what they used to be - a 'breakthrough' retreat may be for you.

You will have the opportunity to de-stress and relax and clear any relationship blocks.

You will form a deeper connection with each other and take back your learnings to implement them into your daily lives.



If you're seriously interested in personal growth and development, then this is years of just that - combined into one very specially designed retreat.

You can expect a spiritual, cultural and healing experience, as well as beautiful connection and MUCH more on a deep level.

Ubud is known for it's highly spiritual grounds (earth and people), pyramids, waters and more.

It's the perfect healing place.

You can literally 'feel it' everywhere you go. 

Be part of a beautiful group of like-minded women where you will stay in high-end luxury accommodation for 7 days. Relax and be pampered, while you discover parts of your 'real self' and tap into your true potential. All this while exploring the beauty Ubud has to offer. 

Spaces now extremely limited for 17th -24th April 2020.