registered nurse

diploma mental health

life coach

nlp practitioner


holistic human development

I grew up and have lived most of my life in Naracoorte, South Australia. During this time through hard work and determination, I have been fortunate to have had several successful careers.


I knew from a young age I had a love of entrepreneurship starting my first business in Hairdressing aged 20, I then went on to complete a Bachelor of Nursing at 30 and more recently found my passion in Life coaching. I married my husband Lee in my early 20's and together we have two teenage boys Jack and Tom. In my 30's and early 40's, I worked as a Registered Nurse, and had various other nursing roles including Nurse in Schools and Mental Health Care Coordinator all adding to my broad knowledge and skill set. 


Over the years, I experienced my own 'ups and downs' in life. Including feeling the confusion many young people feel, 'trying to do it all'. I questioned my values and my purpose and what I was really here for. Thankfully this added to more 'life experience' and although painful at times - lead me down the Personal Development road for the past 20 years - and eventually to my own 'purpose' in life coaching. I love nothing more than deep, genuine connection, and especially helping people let go of their 'old stuff', to learn more about themselves and move them to where they want to be. I am known for my professional approach, my compassionate and approachable nature and the results I get for my clients.


As a certified transformational life coach, I give my clients the practical, emotional, and spiritual tools they need to create a life of purpose and abundance. 

Using tried and tested coaching techniques such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy, as well as drawing on years of experience in the health care profession as a Registered Nurse with a Dip in Mental Health, I help my clients achieve their goals. 

This includes eliminating unhealthy habits, motivational coaching and stress management using various evidence-based relaxation techniques, overcoming procrastination, letting go of fears such as heights and flying, and much more. 

With a passion for people and all things personal growth and development, I will help you get from where you are to where you want to be.